Telling the Story of Your Wedding, the story of your Love to each other and the Love which your Family and Friends have for you!

Each Couple have a story backing their wedding and I just love listening to stories…

Sometimes it is all about the little things, that tear running down the father of the Bride’s cheek, or that shrug between siblings in the last hours or minutes before the big “I DO”

Other times it is all about that look which the groom has on his face upon seeing his soon to be wife…

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So, if you have a story to tell, I would be glad to listen to it and who knows maybe you can get me to tell the story of your wedding too!

There are hundreds of photographers on the island; Many have a different vision and style how to tell the story of a wedding. Do you see your wedding narrated in that style? If you do, follow your guts and go with that photographer.

If you believe that you can see your wedding narrated in my style, then drop me an email on or call me on 79059217. I would love to listen to your story.