So it’s been quite a while since my last update. Life has been generous with me and filled up my time pretty quickly. Many things happened in the last years, namely: I settled up in a new awesome studio with awesome colleagues sharing the space; been busy doing commercial work to big corporate companies; and most of all, been busy capturing weddings of beautiful people in love, all-over the island.   A few years back, Andras and Gabriella had asked me to shoot their wedding and what a wedding it was,  you cans see their wedding here. Around 14 months ago they called me to go over to their home and photographer them with their sweet newborn Zoe… and this is their story:    ... read more

M+M Prewedding at Ta’ Qali

A few weeks back I got to meet this lovely couple who are planning to have their wedding next year. I got so excited about their wedding plans and I can barely wait for that day to be here!! The asked me for a couple of photos for them as a tiny prewedding – ended up becoming a whole pre-wedding session at Ta’ Qali National Park. I had never gone there before and I fell in love with it… hope you like these few images from the shoot…... read more

Planning your wedding

In the last years photographing weddings I saw a few common things happen or fail to happen (depending on how you look at it).  Planning a huge wedding gets tedious, stressfull and at the very best it is a huge burden on you and on your close family. Some may not agree fully with me but from what I constantly see happening, I came to the conclusion that handing over the day to a good wedding planner is one of the best things to do. True, you may tell me that it is an extra cost for nothing, but to be honest, if you just hand over the day to a wedding planner with a preset list/plan, there is only little where they can assist you with. You would already have wasted so much time in getting everything planned and stressed so much on it that then there would be barely any work left on the actual day for the planner to do. Whereas if you start from way before giving a list and ideas to the planner and work it with him/her from day 1 (or day 2,3… ) like that the planner knows exactly what you wish for and how it should happen. This way on the wedding day itself, you can  just relax and enjoy your day while your planner is taking care of all the rest.  Some decide to leave the happening of the day in the hands of their family members and some are able to handle it well but others not so much – infact some might end up over worked and issues... read more

Something to Think about… Part 2 – Projection, Education – Be a Professional

Last week it seems I started a storm… That is really good: It is exactly what I wanted – good or bad.  For the benefit of those who missed it – you can find the blog  post here: As Promised There’s More!!  Just a couple points which I did not include last week since I had to cut a line somewhere and not let it be even longer than it was. So Let’s call this Part 2. I want to add a few things to the 2 main points of last blog Post: There is a real reason why so many photographers and videographers calculate wrongly their costs and their timings – I am going to mention a few and tackle some of them too –   Know your costs: The biggest and most common mistake I find re-occurring on a constant basis falls under this category. It occurs mostly with those just starting out in the industry but also some who have been in the industry for quite a while fall for it (and do it on Part-time basis but even some who do it on Full-time Basis). Most of us are real enthusiasts who enjoy shooting photographs/videos for ourselves and all of us already own equipment and so starting to take on paid jobs is a nice prospect and when it happens we are happy to just charge an hourly rate similar to what we earn in our full time job (or maybe a little more) and be happy with that – after all we already own the equipment… (mind you, I have met people who have been many years... read more

A shout out to all photographers out there!!

Update: you can find part two here: Last month I celebrated the 5th year anniversary since when I decided that I will be quitting in a couple years my 9-5 job and become the “Top Wedding Photographer in Malta”. Yes I really did believe so and still I believe I can be that – If I did not still believe it, I would not still be doing this. This blog post is mainly aimed at fellow photographers and videographers (and entrepreneurs of all sorts) These 5 years have been a real uphill struggle. Deciding to quite my job whilst barely making it through with a monthly paycheck and knowingly dive head-first into a dark and alien world to me, was not an easy thing to do! I cannot say that I came out of it at the other end unharmed – financially it has been as bad a nightmare as anyone can ever dream of and I cannot say that I did not know about this risk before plunging into it. Taking the decision 5 years ago to invest 2 year’s worth of salary into equipment – which today barely costs more than 3 months worth of salary – and keep on adding to it year after year to achieve the best quality in imagery and to allow me to do what others where not offering in Malta and only a few handful offered it – this has been a huge hurdle for me which I still can barely overcome. Me and my wife took this decision together, knowing fully of what is to come ahead of us (well maybe not fully –... read more

Julian and Michela – Post Wedding Session

Today I just had this session a couple of hours ago and simply cannot share a few pictures from this session. Julian and Michela Got married exactly a month ago on 21st May 2017 and today we had this Post wedding shoot planned at Villa Arrigo, and the sunset was simply spectacular… perfect lighting and perfect backdrop! Michela was wearing a stunning Wedding Dress supplied by Ivory and Co. and Julian a stunning long coat suit from Bortex! This is one of the most laid back and relaxed couple I ever had the honour to photogrparh and I really enjoyed their wedding (which will be up on the blog in the coming weeks) and also today’s session…... read more

Melody and Jonathan 12-09-2016

So it is 1am right now and I have just managed to upload all the images for this Blog post… I have been ongoing for 12 hours roughly spread over 3 days… I am warning you… this is a HUGE wedding blog – definitely not for the faint hearted… set aside a good 10 minutes as there are over 500 images Ha Ha Ha!!! well, a little intro: I was contacted by the bride back in August, I believe, last year (2016) and they required a second photographer to accompany the photographer which they had for their wedding coming over from abroad to shoot their wedding and I accepted their offer and I wrote down the date for them. a week or 2 before the wedding happened I got an email from the bride telling me that the photographer would not be making the trip for some personal reason and asked me if I can take over… and sure I did… and called in Therese Debono (she is simply the best! She has such a keen eye for details and the same energy and focus to capture moments with a new approach every time we do it! we understand each other perfectly and along the last couple of years working together on weddings we fine tuned our shooting to optimize for each other’s best artistic expression!) so yeah… Therese was my second photographer on this wedding and luckily she was available! This was a real Philippino Catholic wedding in the heart of Sliema at Balluta Church and we were lucky enough to photograph it. There was also Malcolm Debono... read more

Elaine and Rory 22.08.2016

Back in August of Last year I had the opportunity to cover this wedding of Elaine and Rory. It was all organised by Helen Falzon of Jewel Weddings who, as always, did a stupendous Job in planning the special day of this lovely couple. Rory was getting ready at the Club Salina Wharf in Qawra and Elaine in a Family Apartment in Qawra as well a few minutes away from the seafront. A beautiful day to get married indeed! They had a lot of family and friends who made the trip to Malta to celebrate with them this special day. The nuptial mass was at H’Attard Parish church and then the bridal party headed of to San Anton Gardens for nice set of fun photos. From there we headed to Razzett l-Abjad for the wedding dinner were I assisted to one of the most funny and emotional speeches session… well… It was a really enjoyable wedding... read more

Mark and Leanne 02-06-2017

This is a quick post on a Wedding I had last Friday on election eve of a lovely couple who happen to be really good friends… Mark is a cool designer who comes up with such great innovative ideas… like the branding of my photography business and I accepted wholeheartedly to cover their wedding – I knew it was going to be a blast, and it was in fact. THese guys are so happy together and just had a lovely wedding full of friends and family who shared with them a special night. They had a full catholic wedding ceremony at the Dar tal-Provvidenza and from there headed off to Eden lodge in Zurrieq for a blast of a night!!   here are just a few photos from the night…... read more

A + K Post Wedding shoot

Last year we had a lovely post wedding in Birgu with Annalise and Kurt. Malta is such an awesome island to get married in. It has really picturesque roads and scenery which make up for beautiful photography. enjoy!!... read more

Ann and Damian – Post Wedding

Back in June, I had the opportunity to do a post wedding session with a fantastic couple, in one of the best places of the island and with real awesome light… Hope you enjoy it!! read more


This Wedding was one of the most anticipated weddings of all year for me. Both Sarah and Cesco are good friends of ours and , at least me personally, been waiting for this for quite a few years now!! So it was a lovely cool day in May when this lovely couple had their wedding, it was quite breezy and cloudy… naah.. I am messing with you. We believe it was the Hottest Day of July and of all summer this year, and none-the-less one of the most spectacular night for us all. Sarah and Cesco were so at ease (you can get that feeling from Cesco’s pictures all throughout the day for sure haha) and their family and friends were the best crowd one could ever ask at one’s wedding – Loving, joyful, merry and fun. I saw quite a few tears flow down on the cheeks of Sarah and her mum and I saw lots of grinny smiles all throughout. Did I mention it was hot? Yeah it was and it was fantastic. They had a lovely wedding Eucharist at the University Chapel where we all witnessed to their love and commitment to one an other and celebrated with them in their joy. right after we moved to the spectacular Saluting Battery in the Upper Barrakka Gardens, Valletta. What a view. Sarah and Cesco chose not to waste time going round each guest and instead went around free talking their time with their most dear friends and family – no pressure… soon after it was time for the party to get started, Firelight were just incredible and amazing –... read more

Jonathan and Stephanie

Last year I had this sweet couple for a pre-wedding shoot – we decided to go to the skate park and have some fun and then headed to Mdina for a lovely sunset. I simply love the colours at the... read more

Hayley and Benjamin 01.09.2015

On a lovely summer day this time last year I had the honour to assist to this small yet really sweet wedding of Hayley and Benjamin… Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.... read more

Alexia and Steve 30.05.2015

Last year in May we had one of the most lively and funky wedding 12 hours straight of partying – and to make things worse we were a huge team of 5 camera men and it was quite a challenge to keep cameras and equipment out of sight all the time – yet we managed – It was the time for Alexia and Steve to tie the knot and this is their story – a lovely ceremony at Lija parish church followed by a stunning sunset at the lower gardens of Villa Arrigo. Then the Fabulous Versatile Brass band opened the First dance and accompanied the party till the cutting of the cake – what followed was a crazy after party featuring sunglasses at night – what a cool crowd…   ... read more

Angele and Jason Pre Wedding

Some time ago had the honour of doing the pre-wedding shoot of Angele and Jason who would be marrying in 2 days now – such a lovely couple – had so much fun with them in an awesome new location for me and with an awesome sunset.... read more

Melanie and Brent

  A few month ago, I had the opportunity to meet this lovely couple, they got married in Malta and wanted a nice memory of the stay and decide to do a post wedding shoot. We ended up having so much fun going around Valletta till sunset… have fun :)      ... read more

Matthew and Maria | 02.05.2015

First wedding in May this year – was a blast of a wedding. Bride’s house was amazing and the light there was just glorious. details were so unique… then at the gromm’s house just round the corner, the grooms’ men wer so much fun and an awesome party… I found them writing the speeches right there on the kitchen table and censoring heavily on what was going to be said…. The ceremony was followed at Naxxar Parish church  were the couple gave their vows to each other with their family and friends witnessing to all the beauty and Love. what followed was an awesome party at Villa Arrigo… heavenly food, whiskey, Cigars, coffee and Chocolate – party atmosphere and awesome crazy people who really know how to let lose and dance till the sun rises!!! This day was the start of my new assistant working with me – my beautiful wife who managed to capture a few of the best shots in here!! Hope you enjoy the stroy as much as we enjoyed being part of... read more

David and Donna

  Last month on a sunny afternoon in Buskett, the light was more than stunning, it had charisma and chanted “love” all the way for my eyes… David and Donna had their pre-wedding in this fantastic golden light and green backdrop… what could anyone ask more than this for a love... read more

John and Justine Pre-wedding

It was tough to wake up yet I managed – I arrived in sliema just in time to watch the sun break off from the horizon and shimmer on the calm sea… it was a few weeks ago that I had this lovely shoot at Sunrise – it was a Hot morning – after 30 minutes shooting I was overheating, but definitely worthed – the light was gorgeous and Sliema coast impeccable…... read more