Again this week I had a thought! It’s now officially 1 year since I quit my day job and definitely it was not easy. I had been trying to bring to the table enough reasoning and pros and cons about doing this step for such a lot of time and never actually managed to do it because trying to reason it out,  you never have enough reason to do it because it is a CRAZY thing to do.. At least that is what society tries to tell you.

I thank God to give me the strength and for surrounding me with a wife who supported me from day one, to defy what everyone tried to tell me and risk it all. A year onwards and over 40 weddings later I am so sure that I know nothing yet in this industry and will keep on looking out for my mistakes and learn from them.

Last year was a big trial for me as on the day of submitting my job leaving notice I barely had enough work to take my family through the whole of summer, let alone a full year. Yet I only have God to thank for his love towards me and for giving me the grace to look at him and expect his blessings same way a child expects from his parents.

God has blessed my wife and me with four beautiful children and with so much life and joy. I have no words to thank him and yet he keeps on blessing us with new possibilities to love and show God’s love to others.

One thing I really am learning from doing photography on my own is that God will provide to you in the measure with which you believe he will! If you cannot see Hiss Blessings in your life, it is only because you do not believe that God can bless you!!!

I myself keep forgetting to believe many days and suffer from so much stress as a result. But when I stop stressing and start believing, yes then miracles do happen!!!

Now… Off to shoot a lovely wedding with my wife now :)