A + K Post Wedding shoot

Last year we had a lovely post wedding in Birgu with Annalise and Kurt. Malta is such an awesome island to get married in. It has really picturesque roads and scenery which make up for beautiful photography. enjoy!!... read more


This Wedding was one of the most anticipated weddings of all year for me. Both Sarah and Cesco are good friends of ours and , at least me personally, been waiting for this for quite a few years now!! So it was a lovely cool day in May when this lovely couple had their wedding, it was quite breezy and cloudy… naah.. I am messing with you. We believe it was the Hottest Day of July and of all summer this year, and none-the-less one of the most spectacular night for us all. Sarah and Cesco were so at ease (you can get that feeling from Cesco’s pictures all throughout the day for sure haha) and their family and friends were the best crowd one could ever ask at one’s wedding – Loving, joyful, merry and fun. I saw quite a few tears flow down on the cheeks of Sarah and her mum and I saw lots of grinny smiles all throughout. Did I mention it was hot? Yeah it was and it was fantastic. They had a lovely wedding Eucharist at the University Chapel where we all witnessed to their love and commitment to one an other and celebrated with them in their joy. right after we moved to the spectacular Saluting Battery in the Upper Barrakka Gardens, Valletta. What a view. Sarah and Cesco chose not to waste time going round each guest and instead went around free talking their time with their most dear friends and family – no pressure… soon after it was time for the party to get started, Firelight were just incredible and amazing –... read more

Jonathan and Stephanie

Last year I had this sweet couple for a pre-wedding shoot – we decided to go to the skate park and have some fun and then headed to Mdina for a lovely sunset. I simply love the colours at the... read more

Alexia and Steve 30.05.2015

Last year in May we had one of the most lively and funky wedding 12 hours straight of partying – and to make things worse we were a huge team of 5 camera men and it was quite a challenge to keep cameras and equipment out of sight all the time – yet we managed – It was the time for Alexia and Steve to tie the knot and this is their story – a lovely ceremony at Lija parish church followed by a stunning sunset at the lower gardens of Villa Arrigo. Then the Fabulous Versatile Brass band opened the First dance and accompanied the party till the cutting of the cake – what followed was a crazy after party featuring sunglasses at night – what a cool crowd…   ... read more

Matthew and Maria | 02.05.2015

First wedding in May this year – was a blast of a wedding. Bride’s house was amazing and the light there was just glorious. details were so unique… then at the gromm’s house just round the corner, the grooms’ men wer so much fun and an awesome party… I found them writing the speeches right there on the kitchen table and censoring heavily on what was going to be said…. The ceremony was followed at Naxxar Parish church  were the couple gave their vows to each other with their family and friends witnessing to all the beauty and Love. what followed was an awesome party at Villa Arrigo… heavenly food, whiskey, Cigars, coffee and Chocolate – party atmosphere and awesome crazy people who really know how to let lose and dance till the sun rises!!! This day was the start of my new assistant working with me – my beautiful wife who managed to capture a few of the best shots in here!! Hope you enjoy the stroy as much as we enjoyed being part of... read more

David and Donna

  Last month on a sunny afternoon in Buskett, the light was more than stunning, it had charisma and chanted “love” all the way for my eyes… David and Donna had their pre-wedding in this fantastic golden light and green backdrop… what could anyone ask more than this for a love... read more

John and Justine Pre-wedding

It was tough to wake up yet I managed – I arrived in sliema just in time to watch the sun break off from the horizon and shimmer on the calm sea… it was a few weeks ago that I had this lovely shoot at Sunrise – it was a Hot morning – after 30 minutes shooting I was overheating, but definitely worthed – the light was gorgeous and Sliema coast impeccable…... read more

Article on Die Zeit

Back in February I was commissioned  by the German journal ‘Die Zeit’ to make a portrait of Christopher and Regina Catrambone for their work in saving immigrants from their perilous voyages trying their luck to reach European... read more

Twins Newborn Photoshoot

2015 brings with it new challenges – I love shooting weddings but weddings are not the only source of joy and happiness in life… Newborns are another example of joy which actually surpasses the joy of the wedding day… the act of giving life to another human is an immense joy and is to be celebrated as best it can be. Unfortunately newborns will not be newborns for ever and quickly they change and start growing up and will only be newborn for a few days/weeks. soon they will be toddlers and sooner enough young adults :) We had this shoot planned since the day I knew Mariam was pregnant… the last weeks were so full of plans and ideas which cam down to this simple shoot in her lovely house with traditional patterned tiles and lovely soft light beaming through the gorgeous windows.. So here I present to you ‘Ofelia’ and ‘Eliora’… Two tiny princesses which filled my day with joy… even if I was with them just a few hours... read more


Again this week I had a thought! It’s now officially 1 year since I quit my day job and definitely it was not easy. I had been trying to bring to the table enough reasoning and pros and cons about doing this step for such a lot of time and never actually managed to do it because trying to reason it out,  you never have enough reason to do it because it is a CRAZY thing to do.. At least that is what society tries to tell you. I thank God to give me the strength and for surrounding me with a wife who supported me from day one, to defy what everyone tried to tell me and risk it all. A year onwards and over 40 weddings later I am so sure that I know nothing yet in this industry and will keep on looking out for my mistakes and learn from them. Last year was a big trial for me as on the day of submitting my job leaving notice I barely had enough work to take my family through the whole of summer, let alone a full year. Yet I only have God to thank for his love towards me and for giving me the grace to look at him and expect his blessings same way a child expects from his parents. God has blessed my wife and me with four beautiful children and with so much life and joy. I have no words to thank him and yet he keeps on blessing us with new possibilities to love and show God’s love to others. One... read more

And 1 year on…

It’s been a year now! I cannot believe it but, yes, next week it will be a year since I quit the security of my day job to follow my dream! When I was young, still learning at school, I was always taught that the world is not a place for dreamers and one will only fail at life if he/she keeps believing in dreams – one has to study hard and work hard and forget he/she is living so that one day one can be proud to have a 50,000 Euros job under his care and a nice car or 2 or even 3 of them and maybe a Villa in Beverly Hills!! Oh how foolish was I to let people dictate this to me! For such a long time I failed to believe it and even thou I was forced to get a job like everyone else and work hard for “money”, money never gave me anything. I spent over 10 years in the “Job” industry and for a big stretch of that time I even tried to juggle a full time Job with over time and a further job and Photography…what a waste of precious time and LIFE!!! and all I can say that I gained was, a HUGE LOSS of life. I LOST so much: I never got to be with my eldest child who today is 6 years old. I have spent the last year trying to make up for the lost time and it shows that I was not there for him for the first years of his life. I have almost lost my... read more

Joshua and Deborah – Love shoot

Last weekend I shot such a lovely wedding of Joshua and Deborah – and then on Monday we went for a nice shoot for just them 2 in the countryside – The light was just Marvelous – there was a slight haze in the sky which added to the beautiful light bouncing all around.. Hope you’ll enjoy    ... read more

Post Wedding at Dusk in Mdina

    A few months back I decided to try a post Wedding Shoot in Mdina at Dusk and afterwards – It was not a usual shoot for me as I had to set up a Light with me as well but I am happy with the result – and I have to thank Daniella and Alistair for being patient enough to try this out – the ambient was fabulous and they were too :)... read more