GrandMaster Suite at The President’s Palace

A few years Back in my last months at Pippa Toledo Design Ltd I had the opportunity to Photograph the GrandMaster Suite at The President’s Palace in San Anton Gardens. It was renovated about 2-3 years ago by Pippa Toledo herself for the use of the President’s various Fund raising activities in the aid of “The Community Chestfund” Hope you Like... read more

James and Antonella

James and Antonella will be tying the knot in a few days too and can’t wait either for that day to be here soon. Such a lovely couple… they spent the whole session arguing if we were in Zurrieq locality or Qrendi… hehe we had a lot of fun and ended up in the sea as well.. and the sunset was more than gorgeous… I love recording these intimate moments between couples… love is so full of raw emotions… don’t forget to play the below audio file :) read more

Pedro + Abigail – Love Story

Been waiting for this shoot for quite a few months now. Pedro and Abigail’s “Big Day” is nearing soooo fast now and we’re so excited and looking forward to it!!! Abigail was so concerned about this shoot since she is a bit camera aware and was worried it will not be a success… Her fear made me more comfortable and managed to take them to couple quite places right in Valletta and around the walls and we enjoyed ourselves the three of us. It was a Stupendous sunset with fantastic golden light which gave us great images all sparkling with love and emotion of these 2 ‘love-birds” surrounded with fantastic light. don’t forget to play the below audio file :) read more

And 6 months have gone by soo quickly…

This weekend I just celebrated 6 months since I decided to ditch my Day Job (well I decided to do this like 3 months before in reality, but had “termination of work notice” to give and some commitments/jobs which I needed to finalize with the company) and pursue my dream at all costs by going Full Time Wedding Photographer. It’s been a very busy period, I have to say, covering 21 weddings and editing all the images within a few days/weeks from each wedding. A lot of pre wedding shoots and a lot of client meetings… It was busy, yes, but it was the most awesome time I have had since I was a kid. I never felt so free and self assured of what I was doing – and it is all thanks to all of you people out there who are committed to follow my work and push me to try even harder every time and thanks to all of you who recommend my work to so many people in search of a wedding photographer. It was a hard thing to do as I have a family depending on me and this has been on my head for more than a year now. and It was not all roses; there were times (and still there are) where I doubt all I am doing and lack inspiration and so many other things – but that is the life of an artist I believe… I learn to get over these days as well. Finally I took the plunge and I can only say that I am so Grateful to God for... read more

Stephanie and Christian

August of this year was very busy with incredible weddings. This was nothing short of incredible. Stephanie and Christian have planned every detail of the wedding so perfectly that it was just an awesome experience. The Location was so unique to start of with – this was the first time a wedding was held in this beautiful natural reserve of “Xrobb l-Ghagin Natural Park and Guest House”. The whole wedding happened from start to finish in this place and all the guests and the Bridal party enjoyed it to the full. They started off the day with a refreshing Swim and then they all set off to setting up the place for the ceremony and the reception. and at last time started ticking for everyone to prepare themselves. It was a hot day for sure but it was the last thing on most’s mind. By the end of the night, following many tears  which were shed,and lots of sweat refreshing us from the heat, Love was celebrated between all and everyone enjoyed every second of it !!! read more

Marie-Christine + Daniele

  Soooo. It’s been a while since I posted an other wedding… unfortunately i was busy editing the last weddings of this season and got run over with work hehe… I promise that I will be a good boy gain and will try to keep with regular posts :) Today I am posting the Superb Wedding of Marie-Christine and Daniele. You remember their pre wedding session at San Anton Gardens? well they are a fantastic young couple who are sooo in love!!! Both their face speaks of love and happiness! They planned every little detail of the whole wedding. The locations were all magnificent: The bride was getting ready at the Radisson Blu resort and the groom at the Bay-view hotel. Both places were full of natural light. The wedding Ceremony was at the Historical city of Birgu (Vittoriosa) at the church of San Lawrenz (St Lawrence) What a beautiful church, and it was all set up for the parish feast which happened a few days later. Right after the Ceremony the Newly weds were greeted by their friends and family on the square right beside the church for a champagne and some lovely treats :) Then we all went back to the Radisson Blu resort out in the Gardens. Such a lovely Setting. The night was long and everyone enjoyed every second of it and when the music started, these guys danced like there was no Tomorrow. The most amazing and crazy wedding so far!! I loved it all! Click play below for some music while you enjoy the pictures!... read more

What do couples look for… part 2

“…a series on wedding photography relevant for today’s times…” In the first Post in this series I discussed in a rather long introduction, what I look for in weddings and what my clients want and look for in weddings in general. I then delved in the getting ready of the groom and his groom’s men and how I work around in the time I am with the groom. Today I will be discussing the toughest part in my opinion and the one which needs more attention – Getting Ready of the Bride and Details. Traditionally speaking, there are the “Standard / Holy Grail” photos like the mother with bride and the mother fixing the jewelry of the bride and the bride in front of the mirror fixing herself or with her mother reflected in the mirror and so many more traditionally posed photos. My motto is “To Hell with traditions!!” We have seen it all – over and over for so many times that there is no excitement in it anymore! How many variations of the same pose can you have? believe me it is just really a few ones. All will look the same in the end. It feels like following a film script written 70 years a ago with no room to be personal. Let’s all free ourselves from these chains and be free, specially the bride and groom and whole bridal party to do as one likes and feels. One thing which I find common between all of my clients is that they want real life photos capturing the real emotions, real situations and real facts in... read more

What do couples look for… part 1

“…a series on wedding photography relevant for today’s times…” I might be relatively new to the industry of wedding photography with under 3 years of actually shooting weddings, yet I have been always photographing my life stories and the life of others since I was 15 years old, when I got a camera in my hand for the first time. Since then I have had experience in shooting in a studio environment and in architecture and portrait shoots to say the least. All these fields of photography are very stressful as in you have to make sure you please the client and produce the quality and quantity as per the expectancy of the client – yet none are as tiring and stressful as a Wedding. In all fields you have the chance to repeat shots and poses and you have the chance to perfect the lighting ect – whereas in a wedding, these things are just fantasy dreaming or as some may say it: sci-fi wishes. I have met many great photographers who do amazing jobs in any field they work in, yet they tend to stay far away from weddings, or at least try to limit the number they do per year to just 5 or so. “Why?” you may ask! For starters a wedding is very long (obviously) and staying on your feet for 10 to 14 hours in a row hauling around 4-6KG of gear on your back at any given time and a further 8-10KG of backup lenses and lights ect in a Big Luggage case which you have to carry around everywhere you go, is no... read more

Luca + Rossana

Back in June I had the honor to capture one of the happiest weddings I ever was at. Luca and Rossana are a couple from Italy and came to celebrate their awesome wedding together with their family and friends on our Sunny Island of Malta and it was the most beautiful day of All June by far this year. Wedding ceremony and preparation happened at the Valentina Hotel and then they all went to the nice and sunny terrace in “The Villa Le Meridien”. I enjoyed every little detail and every moment. Luca and Rossana you surely rock and I am sure your Love will last for ever!!... read more

Love shoot of Chris + Julia

There are so many stories going on around people in their lives, and I enjoy making great pictures out of these moments. Maybe it’s all about the hustle and bustle of life, or those quiescent and intimate moments; when being alone feels as if one is sitting on top of that great cliff with the wind whooshing by your presence, and the salty spray and mist coming from below, of sea water crashing on the ever changing rocky coastline! I seek those moments which are so unique and singular, which say so much about a person when she or he is in his or her most singular being. This sense of majesty is even more present and soulful when a person is in the arms of her other best half; when the longing soul finds rest and most of all finds its realization and fulfillment just by the mere fact of being in the arms of that one loved soul. Love has an unfailing habit of bringing out the best which anyone can offer; that raw emotion and excitement… when I am with a couple photographing their love, I am always left mesmerized – I can feel the electricity in the air, and I sense the tingling in my arms and when the eyes of the couple meet; that is, when that unique scent of love can be felt in the air around them. Such raw love is what makes the surrounding work so magnificently conjointly with the couple, which creates eye watering shows of emotion and purity which only the heart who loves can... read more

Stephanie and Chris

Sorry for not blogging much lately – but I have been too busy editing weddings… hopefully i will have more to blog about in the coming weeks. So today on this beautiful Day Stephanie and Chris are getting married. A couple of months back we had some fun shooting their pre wedding and today I am heading off to shoot their wedding… hope you... read more

Mariam and Jordan Post-Wedding Session

Unfortunately, I could not attend to Mariam and Jordan’s wedding as I was already booked for an other wedding. However, being good friends for quite some time, they invited me to cover their post wedding session and collaborate with our good friend Genevieve Marie Son of Vieverie Studios … We did this session at their sweet House of Character in Rabat – I love that house: it is so unique, airy and bright. Here is my take on their post wedding... read more

Of Smoke, Tea and Beards…

So at last I had some free time to do this shoot which i have been thinking of for quite some time… A big Thanks goes to Cesco and Mark for making this possible on such a short notice. I am really sorry that such  fabulous creature had to be shaved off… Harsh reality of... read more

Marie-Christine + Daniele

Last Sunday morning I shot this beautiful love session of Marie-Christine and Daniele. Such a cute couple. Marie -Christine comes from England and her parents are Maltese, and Daniele comes from the City of Rome and both have a love of whatever is green and bees and nature… I enjoyed being around them as much as they enjoyed being with each other…  This wonderful couple shall soon be getting married here in Malta and am looking soooo forward to... read more

Amanda + Alex

So today is the BIG day for Amanda and Alex. I wish you Blessing on your marriage and may you always keep on falling in love with each other day after day. these are a few snaps from their Pre-wedding session we had some months... read more


So this week I had this lovely engagement session with Anja and John, a couple from the United States who came on holiday to Malta to celebrate their Engagement. Let me know what you... read more

Mariam + Jordan Pre-Wedding

So our friends Mariam and Jordan are also getting married this year and we are SOOOO excited!!!! Unfortunately I will not be able to photographer their wedding as I got booked before by an other couple. None the less they invited me to co-shoot their pre wedding session with the amazing Genevieve Marie Son of “Vieverie Studios” from Manila, Philippines. We had an amazing time and went round the picturesque city of Birgu( Victoriosa) and at the amazing Sa Maison Gardens on the bastions. I hope you will love these few snaps as much as I did. you can follow the shots which the amazing Genevieve took of Mariam and Jordan on her facebook page by clicking this: Vieverie... read more

Matthew + Stephanie 18.05.2014

A couple of weeks ago I had one of my longest wedding weekends ever… 4 weddings in a row. this was the last one and have to say… by far the craziest wedding of the Lot. I had met Matthew and Stephanie last year at the wedding of his sister Sarah and Mattia and have been looking forward to this wedding since then. I just knew it would be one crazy wedding as much as Sara and Mattia’s… I started the day at Matthew’s family house in the beautiful bay of Xemija and from there we went to Stephanie’s house in Mosta. They had a wonderful Eucharist and wedding ceremony at the Mosta Parish Dome and then a crazy dinner at the Golden Sands Radison Resort… Hope you all enjoy this story as much as I... read more

Isabel + Joseph 17.05.2014

There is a reason why I love my job – I have awesome clients who know how to party and enjoy their wedding day to the full… Joseph and Isabel got married  two weeks ago on a lovely Saturday evening… it even drizzled a bit but nothing stopped these party goers from enjoying themselves to the full… a little taste of the day… hope you like them!    ... read more